CAPS™ Computerized Balance testing:

computerized balance testingStatistics show that falls are the leading cause of death from injury among people aged 65 and older. Optimal Balance is essential to prevent a devastating fall.

We use Computerized Assessment of Postural Stability (CAPS™) testing performed in our office for assessing balance and how well your brain perceives your body position in space.

When a person has vertigo or poor balance almost always their perception of where their body is positioned in space is disturbed. Important areas of the brain react to information that they receive from the nervous system’s sensors or receptors in the body. The brain uses this information to create a somotopic or body map that allows us to have good balance and function as we move through our environment. Damage or dysfunction to these important areas of the brain can cause a person to have an altered sense of where they are in space. These deficits can be devastating to a senior’s ability to walk and can cause a sense of disequilibrium.

The CAPS balance and posture stability test uses an extremely sensitive force platform and specially designed software that can measure the otherwise imperceptible and undetectable changes in a person’s balance or what is known as their center of pressure and limits of stability. A person’s center of pressure is closely related to a person’s center of gravity and a person’s limit of stability is how far they can move off of this center without falling. The CAPS will generate a report that quantifies a person’s balance and stability. This will provide an objective score that can be compared to normative data for the patient’s age, height, gender or prior CAPS baseline. This test is essential in diagnosing the cause of a person’s vertigo or balance disorder and can be used to monitor progress through care. For more information go to:

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